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Our history

More than 150 years in the agribusiness

1850 - the spinning mill

The agro-industrial activities of D.A.F. began with mulberry trees cultivation to feed our silkworm breeding.The silk was woven using mechanical looms, an important technological innovation at that time.

1920 - tomatoes

We started growing tomatoes on fields managed by us and located close to our factory. We used to produce sauces, peeled tomatoes and puree.

1935 - the distillery

The cultivation of sugar beet was an important step for the DAF. Using its byproduct, the molasses, we produced ethyl alcohol in our distillery. Nowadays a part of the company is still dedicated to the bottling of denatured ethyl alcohol for cleaning purposes.

1961 - green peas

We were the first European Company to start the cultivation and canning of fresh green peas, which continues today. We were also the first to launch vacuum-packed tins.

1968 - mechanical harvesting

First in Europe, we imported from California the machineries to harvest automatically the tomatoes.

1971 - corn

Again first in Europe, we started the activity that is still our core business: the cultivation and processing of SWEET CORN. As for peas the entire production cycle, from sowing to canning, is managed directly by us.

1977 - pescaviva

We launched a sweet corn specifically canned for fishing, initially using natural corn and then flavoring it with 14 different natural flavors (e.g. tutti-frutti, strawberry, chocolate, …). Since then, Pescaviva is the market leader. More information on

2001 - Organic products

Anticipating the consumer trends, we launched our organic production in 2001, focusing on our core products: Sweet Corn and Green Peas. We directly control the entire agro-industrial value chain in order to guarantee the maximum traceability to the consumers.

2014 - organic borlotti beans

Organic Borlotti Beans were launched adopting our philosophy: freshly canned products directly cultivated by us. And more freshly canned legumes are going to come soon!

2015 - italian Quinoa

After a test conducted in 2014, we started cultivating Quinoa on our organic fields, selecting a variety studied for our climate. Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal broadly cultivated in the South American highlands: due to its excellent nutritional values (high proteins, no gluten), Quinoa is becoming very popular all over the world.

2015 - Edamame Soybeans

Since 2015 we cultivate and process from fresh raw materials Organic Edamame Soybeans. As for our other products, we manage the whole agro-industrial value chain, from cultivation to canning within a few hours from harvesting: our process preserves the taste, color and all the nutritional properties of our fresh vegetables.

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